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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hybrid: It's Not Just for Cars!

Do you hybrid craft/scrapbook?  To me hybrid crafting is combining digital and "real" to create something tangible. Not just creating it digitally and then printing it out.  I love hybrid!  You get the best of digital, you can play on the computer with design and layout. And then you get the best of "real crafting" in that you can use inks, paints, glue, buttons, string, etc, etc to finalize your project. And the best part....... since you started with digital stuff, you can recreate them, again, and again, as many times as your heart desires!  You never run out of your favorite digital paper packs!!!  What could be better than that?
Speaking of favorite paper packs, I may just have a brand new favorite!  Life, Love, Etc kit by Etc by Danyale is amazing!  The colors are vibrant, bright and fun!  The best part to me? They lean themselves to either gender; guys or gals!  And they have a more grown up feel. So they work great for pages about my boys! (who are actually young men now!).

I scrapped the page above using photos from a few years back with this new kit. It is a hybrid page.  I designed it on the computer.  Then I printed out the various papers and elements, cut them and assembled.  Don't get me wrong, digital scrapping is wonderful. It's easy, clean and neat - there's nothing to clean up when you're done! But I love the dimension that you get with real scrapping.
I also love hybrid for card making.  The idea of being able to re-use digital papers to recreate a beloved card design is so comforting.  I'm thinking I might be remaking this card!  Using the Life, Love, Etc kit again, I was able to create this bold and happy birthday card.

Here's a look at the dimensions of the layers on this card.  Another fun thing about using digital papers for card making, you can resize the papers as needed to fit your design.  Notice the patterned paper of that center star. It is the same as the background in the scrapbook page. On the scrapbook page that pattern is at full size. For the card I sized it down a bit to be more appealing and show more of the pattern.

Fun stuff. Maybe you'll give hybrid a chance??!!


  1. I've always shied away from digital scrapbooking because I, too, like the physical layers you get from tangible scrapping, but I never thought of combining the two. I like how you merged both worlds in your projects!

  2. I really want to start doing hybrid creating but I am a little shy about starting because it seems like so much work. Do you use a silhouette? What type of paper do you print on (cardstock or photo). I have so many questions. What type of printer do you have (12x12 or traditional)? Sorry so nosy I am just really interested and I never know where to start because I can never find specifics anywhere.

    Thank you for such a beautiful inspiration. Both the card and the scrapbook page is amazing!

    1. Janeal - thanks for your kind words. And for your questions. I think I will try to write up a post with some of the tips and tricks I use for hybrid crafting.


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