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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Password Organizer

As our lives become more digital, the number of log-in ID's and passwords that we have keep growing. I've been on a trek to get things organized around the house so I decided it was time to finally organize the log-in's and passwords.

Using my crafty supplies, I created a notebook that I can keep track of all these gems. I used the digital kit She Believes by Etc by Danyale for the papers in this project.

I printed out the patterned paper for the cover on 12x12 paper.  I also printed out solid color papers from the kit on 12x12 paper to be used to make the tabbed dividers in the notebook. These papers I printed on both sides, each side with a different solid paper from the digital kit.

The front and back cover pages are cut from a used up box of Bisquick, to give it stability. After cutting the box pieces, I ran them through the Xyron to apply adhesive, then adhered them to the printed patterned paper.  I inked them and the blue accent piece, then adhered it to the covers. 

Everything else was designed in Silhouette Studio. The shape I used is 5x7 Vertical Monthly Album by Carina Gardiner. Only I made 2 sets of the tabbed pages. I removed the numbers from the tab labels (circles) and used the text tool and print and cut feature to create ;labels foe each of the categories of passwords I wanted to organize.

I used another Silhouette shape for the label on the front cover.  I filled each of the layers with different papers from the digital kit She Believes.  Again using the text tool I typed out the notebook name and used the print and cut feature for this. I inked them, layered and adhered them to the cover.

The inside pages were also made in the Silhouette Studio using the print and cut feature. I decided to use book rings to bind it so that I can expand the notebook if needed by easily adding more inside pages or category tabbed pages.

Want to know something really cool?  This coordinates so nicely with the desk organizer that I made using the digital kit Simple Things by Etc by Danyale!

UPDATE: I was asked to share the text portion ("site/URL/Username/Password) as a download file.  Thanks for asking!  You can grab it HERE.  I saved it as a .png file so you can use it on any background paper that you would like.


  1. I need to do something like this desperately, but I think my security-conscious husband would freak out if I wrote down all this info in one place! He wants me to use an online encrypted site, but I just want to be able to look it up and move along, not log into yet another site that I need a password for!

  2. Could you please share the "details" (username, url,etc) label page as a free download? Love this idea! Thanks!

    1. Thanks for asking!v I've added it to the post. Enjoy!

  3. Love this! I'm going to share it on my blog, linking back to you.

  4. nice way to organize them!
    I'm with you, I like to have then written down!


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