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Friday, April 29, 2011

Fire Up the Grill!

A few warm humid days recently and my thoughts have drifted to summer time!  Seriously?  I wish Spring was more.  Yes MORE. More days, more warm sunny Spring days with flowers blooming and breezes drifting through the newly opened leaves on the trees.  Lately, we don't seem to get too many of those days.  We get cold, damp, rainy. Then BAM we get hit with the humid days.

So let's make the most of them! One of the things I like best about Spring and Summer, is getting to cook out on the grill.  No, that's not a picture of my "real" grill!  It's a little grill treat box that I made. Guess what??  I'm going to share how I made it.  Keep reading.....

Looks pretty cute just as is.  But check out the inside.......

There's space to store some sweet treats!  This would make a cute favor box on your picnic tables at a BBQ party, a neat way to package up a hostess gift for a party you might attend, or maybe a way to gift a special something for Father's Day, a birthday, graduation or family reunion!

Here is how I made the grill

What you will need:
  • Black cardstock
  • White cardstock
  • Red cardstock
  • Daddy's Toolbox Template set by Kelleigh Ratzlaff
  • BBQ Weather Digital kit by WM Squared Designs
  • Scissors and/or paper trimmer
  • Bone folder
  • metallic mini brads
  • Metal or metallic cardstock
  • Adhesive runner
  • Foam adhesive
Grill Base: I used the Daddy's Toolbox Template set by Kelleigh Ratzlaff as the base for my grill (I used the large toolbox).  I cut it from black cardstock. Follow the direction to build the toolbox then trim off the curved "latch" and score the two overlap flaps on the tool box lid so they will bend inside the grill lid.

Grill Trays: To create the side trays I cut 2 squares of black cardstock measuring 2.75". I scored them at the .25" mark on all 4 sides.  Follow the template below, cut on solid lines, score and fold on dashed lines.
Fold the small corner tabs for one side under and adhere as if you were creating a box lid.  On the other side apply the adhesive to the entire underside of the .25" edge.  Attach the tray to the grill base by placing the long center piece inside the grill and adhering it.  Adhere the two corner tabs to the exterior of the grill base. Repeat for the tray on the other side of the grill. I embellished the grill trays after they were assembled. If it is easier for you to do it beforehand, feel free to do it that way. The directions for the embellishments are just a bit further down.

Grill Controls: To make the grill controls, cut a 3.5" x 1" piece of black cardstock. Score it lengthwise at .5" and fold.  Attach silver mini brads as control knobs on one outer side.  Run adhesive along the underside of the opposite long edge. Place the fold along the front edge of the grill box with the brads on the exterior of the grill. Adhere to the inside of the grill. Use foam adhesive dots under the exterior portion to attach it to the front of the grill.

Grill handle: I used metal to make my grill handle. I work with metal frequently and had some small scrap pieces I was able to use. You could use metallic, gray, or even white cardstock for your handle.  I simply cut a thin piece 3.25" long. I rounded the ends slightly. Adhere it to the grill cover using foam adhesive. Since the handle is very thin, you may need to cut down your foam adhesive to "hide" under the handle. When you pop out the foam squares or dots, the "negative" space that is left behind is great for this type of thing. Simply cut a few small pieces to use to adhere the handle. This is a great way to stretch the use of your crafting supplies.

Embellish the grill: Using the elements from the BBQ Weather Digital kit by WM Squared Designs, resize them to your liking, and print them out on white cardstock. I like to use Epson Premium Presentation paper matte. It really produces nice colors from my inkjet printer.  Leave enough space at the bottom of each element that will stand on the tray to cut a "tail" of cardstock.  Use you scissors to trim the elements. For those that will stand on the tray, do not cut all the way around the element.  Instead at the bottom of each element cut leaving a square of cardstock. This "tail" will act as a stand to adhere to the grill and allow the element to stand up.  Score this "tail" along the bottom edge of the elements and fold the tail back behind the element. You can use a marker to color the exposed part of this tail black so it won't show once it is adhered in place.  Place adhesive on the underside of the tail and adhere it to the grill tray.

On the opposite grill tray, I cut 2 circles using Spellbinders Dies and a circle punch from red cardstock to look like a cooking burner.  I adhered a mini metallic brad as the burner control. I printed, cut and trimmed the BBQ utensils from the kit and hung them from the cooking tray.

I also printed word art from the BBQ kit which I adhere to the lid of the grill.

Now the fun part..... fill the grill with sweet treats and Enjoy!


  1. Oh my WORD!! This is unbelievable!! SO much fun!! I'm terribly jealous of your creative brain right now. Thanks so much for making my template look so cool!!

  2. soooo creative, I don't blog hop as much (too busy), these days but am so glad I did to see this!

  3. so super creative cute! love, love, love!!!!!

  4. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [30 Apr 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  5. wow, that's just amazing!

  6. I just have to say I am so impressed with your imagination. My brain feels like a pillow right now and you just knocked my socks off with this. Great father's day project also - think I will try it using treasure chest cut file.


  7. This is just so stinkin cute!!!

  8. This is so incredibly cute. I seriously thought this was a real bbq. When I first saw it i only saw the condiments and thought aww that's a creative way to photograph those then I took a closer look. Lol duh. Then I was like No WAY. How cute

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  10. I absolutely love this Cathy!!! Amber has put in an order for one for her dolls! What an amazing imagination you have!!

  11. This is so adorable!!!The link for the template doesn't seem to work.

    1. Apparently it is now a retired product of Kelleigh's. :-(


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