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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Scrapping During Recovery

Sometimes life tosses curve balls at you. The best thing you can do is find a way to just go with them. I had great plans of accomplishing so many projects during the fall/winter months. But instead, I needed some major surgery on my right (dominant) arm. I've been laid up and unable to accomplish even the simplest of daily life tasks.

I decided to try to scrap photos from this adventure. Not to worry - I blurred out all the incisions and nasty stuff for those that don't like to see that! Since I can't handle most of my tools or lift/carry anything yet, I thought I'd do some digital scrapping. Turns out, even that is difficult!  After spreading the work out over a period of 3 days, I still ended up in pain with lots of swelling! So I'm just going to quickly share this 2 pager that I created.  

The kit Everyday Kind of Hero by Etc by Danyale was perfect for my theme of Surgery-Recovery.  Using the templates Gimme Pockets Vol 4 by Cluster Queen Creations made it easy to layout my photos and journaling.

Here is a view of the 2 pages side by side. And now I'm going to rest and rejuvenate my arm with some of my PT moves.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Movie Organization

We love watching movies.  One of my sons is really into movies, he can tell you all about a film, who stars in it, who directed it, what awards it won or was nominated for and how it fared with movie reviewers. Thanks to this love of films, we have ended up with an ever growing collection of DVD's and Blu-Ray discs.  These things start to take up a lot of room in the house!

We have been through several DVD racks, actually starting with those that held VHS tapes and then DVDs.  But our collection was beginning to squeeze us out of space to enjoy watching the films. Several years ago I came up with a better way to store the discs without taking up the entire family room!

While walking through the Target store one day, I came across these Movie Sleeves by Atlantic. They are plastic sleeves that each hold 2 discs and DVD artwork. Using these sleeves, you can store 8 discs in the space that 1 DVD in it's box would normal take up!  Sounds great. So I grabbed a few boxes of these.  Now to find a basket or something to put the sleeves into.

I rounded the corner in the store to the home decor section and found one of these Bento boxes by Rubbermaid. It was the perfect size to stand the sleeves up inside. Using the bendable pockets in the box, I can stand 2 rows of the movie sleeves next to each other.  Hot dog!  Perfect!  And the Bento Box has an available matching lid. The lid is great, it keeps dust out of the box and holds the new sleeves ready for any newly acquired movies!

So I've had this one Bento Box in the family room holding all of our movies for several years. As we acquire new films, we put the discs and artwork into a sleeve and add it to the box.  We have over 180 films and TV series (some with multiple discs) stored in that box and still have room for more!

With Christmas upon us and knowing that we will be gaining some new film additions, I decided that I wanted to add another box and I wanted to dress up the boxes. Using some movie motifs and a marquee-like font (Limelight), I designed some labels for the boxes.  I cut the labels from heat transfer vinyl using my Silhouette Cameo. I then applied the labels to the boxes using my iron. Remember to reverse your images before cutting so the words come out the right way!

Here is a photo of how the discs and artwork fit into the sleeves
The art work is removed for the original DVD box, folded and placed inside the main sleeve. View from the front of the sleeve.

There is an insert to the sleeve that holds the discs. In this case we have the 2-disc version of ELF, so there are 2 discs in this sleeve. View from the back of the sleeve.

Love it when my crafty supplies can be used to decorate the house!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Tree Card

My son needed a card for a very special person this Christmas. He asked me to make a card for him that featured a Christmas tree.  This is what I made for him. He was thrilled!!

The papers in the digital kit Sugar Sands Beach Winter Christmas by Etc by Danyale were just right for this card.

The design for the card came from the magnificent Bird's Cards. She very generously shared this cut file.  Check out her site.

After cutting all the trees, I sprayed them with some Glimmermist to give them a bit of sparkle. The trees are folded in half and glued to each other to create the 3D tree. It is hung in the opening using a bit of thread. The tree can be folded flat to allow the card to slide into an envelope and then repositioned to it's full 3D glory for display.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December Timeline

Etc by Danyale has a brand new release today and a special Advent surprise!  Hurry and stop by Etc by Danyale to grab up the freebies today only!

I used the brand new kit Sugar Sands Beach Winter Christmas to create my new timeline cover for Facebook. I love all the directions you can go with this kit. You can make a holiday creation that has an awesome breezy, relaxed feel to it. Or you can document those terrific beach photos. If you happen to live in a more tropical climate, or lucky enough to get away to one during the holidays, this is the perfect kit for scrapping your memories!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas Newsletter 2014

Each year I prepare a Newsletter to send out to family and friends with our holiday cards.  This year is a bit of a struggle. As I am still recovering from surgery and only have the use of one hand. Even typing is a bit challenging.

I started out with the above layout. The text in it is just a repeated sentence to hold the spot and show you where text was going to go. That just seemed like too much text to manage with my one (non-dominant) hand.  I thought about using a voice recognition software to input the text. But then I decided that a photo laden newsletter with just some highlights would do just fine!

This is my final design. I like it. Lots of cute pictures, and a re-cap of our year.  

I used the digital kit City Sidewalks by Paper Garden Projects and Kimeric Kreations that just released today to decorate the newsletter with a sweet old-time holiday feel.

Now to get folding and stuffing envelopes one-handed!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving Card (Printable!)

Better late than never?  I'm sorry I'm so delayed in posting these creations. I recently had surgery that has rendered my dominant hand unusable for a few months. Anyway....   I have some Thanksgiving cards to share with you.   

These were both created in photoshop using the very cute kit by Etc by Danyale called "One More Bite". Since I'm working one-handed, I wasn't able to do cutting and gluing. But that didn't stop me from creating a bit of hybrid goodness for the Thanksgiving holiday! These cards are designed in photoshop and printed out! I used some shadowing and burning techniques to give them the look of being layered and inked.

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